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Diggin’ with Philly B Side. He had 4 stacks of records, enough for a few crates worth, but had no crates! We found NOTHING that was the right size.. Closest are them new tings that are like 3cm off to fit records.

What he does to do? Blow torch the crates, pull the sides out, hold, while I pour on cold water to harden the plastic!

And bosh!

The MV8000

Pull those side panels off! They make your sampler look like a toy!

Much better.

Check Tha Technique

Show heart if your family is true. The SARU of Sendai inside. Big em up, SAPHIR.FM tonight it’s gunna be a mad ting!

Check Tha Technique

DNB Dj from Saphir.FM, Mathematics on the MV8000, JV2080 Combo. Boom Bap shit. Hip Hoppas know.

Check Tha Technique

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