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Getting sorted. Bit less shab in this business but don’t watch that! =)

Having proper record shelves.. Truth say kinda nice! I hate those posh hospital clean looking spots so much.. I was worried record shelves were gunna mess my vibe, but not at all!

Once I cover em with stickerz (=<

There’s just no space in this situation… Things for us just kinda exploded in size with what we’ve been doing.. Guess it’s time for a MAJOR overhaul

These were going to be two separate photos, just because the story behind the Circuit Bent TR-626 (Why you would do that in just a bit) but yeah here goes.

Never touched or seen any of these machines in person in my life. There in almost every book I have, in tons of videos, the older cats always talking about them. So when the TR-909 came through the door my jaw just dropped…..

Then I hear “But yeah, if you like that, check this out for special”

And he pulls out this TR-626 which I had never even heard of… And I’m like hey these switches, these aren’t original are they. To find out this machine belonged to the guys who started Industrial. This was actually their machine!

Plugging it in and flipping switches was insane. At first I’m like why on earth would you do that, then started hitting patterns out and it was quite pleasant! It was really something!

Theres a short circuit somewhere. Actually there’s a BUNCH of them, but all of them intentional except for one! So I have to fix a short in a unit that was pourpously shorted out like crazy. And its like the pressure is on, you fix the wrong short, you break it x’D But seriously I know where it is, there’s something on the underside of the top panel that’s connecting to one of the top row pads toward the right.

Easy peasy

Another day another pile of 30 quid records for a single dollar each ^.^

Opened a whole new world.. None of us are making 14,000 per beat or getting 6,000 a night to dj. So were stuck in dollar bins and car boot sales, wierd back alley flood victims..

Every single record out of the hundreds is just ILL… cant believe were getting this stuff for 1 dollar.

We even beat the Jappenese to it! Knew they would find out! Yeah, but 5 hours later haha and that was on the second trip back (=



Stray (RAPture) beefing with Porke.

To note again, see how Porke bites Star’s cross out (going over with his name 3 times)

Kids today. Probably looking up “how to beef” on google with the Adek “come see me” rip off and the 3rd grade handstyle.

What makes it even better, he had an account on here (Been deleted for some time now) and went OFF on me for posting pictures making fun of him. But that’s what you get for blasting the neighborhood with bullshit LOL

Saying how he is world famous and is going to cross out everything I have ever done. Funny because I’m not a graffiti writer =)

Some next level deleted scenes from New Jersey Drive. Can’t believe this was deleted. By far my favorite scene in the movie now.

Next to any scene with 40’s :D

Peace to KickBack for uploading this

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