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When will people learn to ship things -_- They think, oh it weights 50 pounds and it’s made of solid thick metal…. It’ll hold up to anything.. No! That just means 50 pounds more shock to whatever is inside it!

That picture of the box, as soon as I opened the flap I stopped dead in my tracks and took a picture. Because from that, I had a bad feeling something was up..

Thankfully we worked it out. Good man covered the costs for replacement parts.

Soon to come, me drilling a shit ton of vent holes in the top above the PSU =) That’s for anyone who knows of the “nuclear reactor temperature problems” with this unit. No it’s not even close to that bad. It gets hot, there’s no vents, it will run at that temp for a long time, but even longer with vents.

(On a second note, if your unit is over-heating and shutting down or springing up error messages — Your using the wrong RAM. You need 8-Chip Macintosh type “Non-Pairty” RAM. It warns you in the damn manual for fucks sake)

"Creative Copyright Infringement makes my dick hard"

It’s great what comes after statements like these.. He’s probably the best story teller I know.. Plus what he says makes since. He’s a realist. Has LOADS of experience, and really speaks to me.

What comes after that line is just come incredible shit…

Finally….. Got self-booting Win98 floppys, that then format, and write Ensoniq OS’s (=

I’m so happy right now!!!! Then…. It’s Sysex here I come!

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