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Went back a 3rd time. Might not be many trips back to this spot, but the connect will find a new stash spot to do the dealings.

Never ending is the diggin’ for the madness

Countdown to System Exclusive 

..I’ve made it my goal to quit being depressed and install this sullied Windows 98 and get this whole thing tied togeather…

So much about MIDI even people with a ton of midi outboard stuff just have nooooooo clue about… File sending, graphical editing, param editing.. The list goes on xD

Making tapes.

And recording tapes to Cool Edit (Big up Peter Quisgard) for some uploads. Still staying all cassettes, but a few isn’t a bad idea. I just need to exist in real life.

"I got beats on the brain I don’t need my mates"

- Dirty Dike (There he goes)

Waiting on the ASR to get back to me. Only take week or so!

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