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So I was going through Disk Unions wants list from lasts months and found out they only got one out their list…. And they got a ton of stuff I want. Maybe what I have is “worth more” then what I’m trading for, but the thing is, what I’ve got is worth that much to them. What they got is worth that to me.

I can’t believe it though! I’ve got 4 of these… In good shape too

What is it for benefit of djing? With so many have some delusional super star idea? No, is making friends, the good foods you together can eat, the things to talk about, the storys, the adventures, all the wonderful people you play music for and get to meet.

The real lifestyle. I think is much more appealing then some unrealistic idea of how it actually is. It’s much more fun, and the people are much cooler.

Mua is having a go :3

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