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"Up here it ain’t nuthin but hard battles man…"

- Grand Master Roc Raida

And that’s what it was. They didn’t just wait all year to battle. Practice all year for the next big battle. This is the key to how they got as good as they were.

I post this because a lot of youngers lately keep saying how things like “I’m not looking to get paid, anything like that, I just want to be known”

And I have to tell them, to do that, you have stop the bullshit, and get yourself together.

If you give up everything, for an entire year, and practice whatever it is non-stop for an entire year, you’ll be the best at what you do.

The people who become legends, or get very well known, even if just their own neighborhood witch is still a feat! It’s because they live what they do.

Stop talking about what you want to, and just do it. And leave all the future thinking to the side. And focus on right now.

It’s as SIMPLE as that.

Like if you come at one of us talking about you wanna get down, you wanna learn the samplers, or the turntables or whatever it is, understand how important this is to us!

So if your smoking weed. Don’t turn to us. Priories.

"I study dj’s man, if I got a tape of you and we got a 1 on 1 battle comin’ up its on because I’m studyin’ people.

I’m looking to see what you do, and what you don’t do.

And if I can do what you do better, it’s over, you might as well not even show up. Cause your going to do what you do, and do it regular, and I’m gunna take it 10, 20 steps further then what you just did”

- Grand Master Roc Raida (1995)

I hold this practice ever so closely to my heart. Every last one of the brothers.

Let gone!

Bare fun xD

J-Zone on the flex, BLAP!

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